Promoting mutual respect & understanding among diverse cultures through journalism, music, and dialogue.

Woman speaking on stage behind a podium for Simon Wiesenthal Center Museum of Tolerance with image of Daniel Pearl in the background.

Danny’s story has touched thousands who never knew him.

The Daniel Pearl Foundation is working internationally through education and communication to empower voices of moderation to confront the hatred that took Danny’s life.



The Daniel Pearl Foundation and Alfred Friendly Press Partners have partnered since 2003 to provide fellowships to journalists from South Asia and the Middle East to work in U.S. newsrooms and experience the dynamics of a free press environment first hand.

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World Music Days

The annual Daniel Pearl World Music Days is a global network of concerts held throughout October, centered around Danny’s October 10th birthday, in the theme of “Harmony for Humanity.” Since its inception in 2002, World Music Days has brought together musicians of every genre who have dedicated more than 11,900 concerts in 132 countries to the ideals for which Danny stood and which continue to inspire new generations.

Youth Initiatives & Journalism

Daniel Pearl Magnet High School

Daniel Pearl Magnet High School, a place to belong, is the smallest high school in LA Unified. It is proud to take a personal interest in each student and offer a nurturing, family-oriented learning environment. The hands-on curriculum focuses on Journalism and Communications. It also offers honors and AP courses, dual enrollment college courses, and a sports partnership with Birmingham Community HS. Some electives are robotics, video and music production, photography, and newspaper publishing, chorus, guitar, and music composition, and music production.

The school achieved 100% graduation for three years, 95-99% enrollment in college post high school, and are in the top 4% of high schools in the nation, per US News and World Report. It is also the home of award-winning "The Pearl Post" school newspaper.In 2016, the Los Angeles Press Club recognized The Pearl Post as High School Newspaper of the Year, stating that "The Pearl Post combines an exciting range of articles, photos, and opinion pieces in a well-organized layout, making it easier and quicker to find sections of interest and, thus, keeping its readers coming back for more."[11]

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Youth Initiatives & Journalism

The Pearl Project

"The Pearl Project is an innovative investigative journalism project at Georgetown University. The original investigation, conducted in 2007 through 2010, explored the kidnapping and murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in 2002. The 31-thousand word report was published by the Center for Public Integrity."

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Upcoming Events

Los Angeles Press Club:
Daniel Pearl Award

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The annual Daniel Pearl Memorial Lecture in Journalism and International Relations


Established in 2002, in partnership with the Burkle Center for International Relations and Hillel at UCLA. This open public lecture series in journalism and international relations is given each year by scholars, journalists and policy makers who have contributed original analyses or constructive approaches to problems of international concern.

Past guest speakers have included Anderson Cooper of CNN, Bob Woodward of Washington Post, Fareed Zakaria of CNN, and Condoleezza Rice.

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Stanford University

Danny’s Alma Mater:

Launched in October of 2006 in partnership with Hillel at Stanford and Stanford’s Office of The President. This series honors Danny’s commitment to the improvement of the human condition and features prominent speakers on various aspects of this challenge. The subject matter of the lecture is open-ended and will vary each year to reflect the diverse nature of Danny’s professional and personal interests. It may include journalism, Middle Eastern studies, international relations, music, psychology, political science, philosophy, human rights, and religious, ethnic and racial tolerance.

Past guest speakers have included Christiane Amanpour and Wolf Blitzer from CNN, Bernard-Henri Lévy, French philosopher, journalist and author, Senator Joseph Liberman, and Philip G. Zimbardo, author and Professor Emeritus at Stanford.

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of our programs is greatly appreciated. The Daniel Pearl Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization; Tax-ID 03-0393564.