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July 2014 – Volume 11 – Number 1

Our Strategic Plan For The Future

 As we look ahead to our 13th year, The Daniel Pearl Foundation is committed to building an enduring, self-sustaining institution that will continue to preserve and perpetuate Daniel’s legacy around the world. Our new Strategic Plan For The Future puts journalism at the center of that effort, reflected by the remarkable achievements of our growing family of Journalism Fellows. We are excited about the Foundation’s future, we are eternally grateful for your support, and we look forward to sharing our plans with you as they take shape.

2014 Daniel Pearl Fellows

Thanks to your support, our program continues to grow!

We’re proud to sponsor three worthy Daniel Pearl Fellows for 2014.

Freelance journalist Asma Ghribi has witnessed firsthand the political upheavals in her native Tunisia. She is the Tunisia blogger for Transitions: Foreign Policy Magazine and the former Managing Editor of Tunisia Live, the country’s first English-language news portal. Asma is  spending her Fellowship at The Wall Street Journal.

 Award-winning journalist Kiran Nazish has reported from some of the most dangerous places in Pakistan, covering stories of conflict and the aftermath of war. Kiran is now hosted at The New York Times.

 Sherif Tarek describes himself as “a journalist who seeks to make a difference, even a slight one.” He is a Senior Reporter and Deputy Editor for Ahram Online, the English-language news portal for Egypt’s largest news organization. Tarek is spending his Fellowship at the Los Angeles Times.

Our 2014 Fellows – Up Close And Personal Conversations with the 2014 Daniel Pearl Fellows – August 13, 2014 Los Angeles, CA 

Join us for a thought-provoking discussion as Jewish Journal Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Rob Eshman leads an interactive dialogue with the 2014 Daniel Pearl Fellows: Asma Ghribi(Tunisia), Kiran Nazish(Pakistan), and Sherif Tarek (Egypt).  Come meet these extraordinary young individuals who have spent five months working at America’s top papers.  Hear their stories, their experiences, and what they plan to bring back to their home countries from this life-changing fellowship.See FlyerKeeping Up With Our Fellowship FamilyOur past Fellows are making a difference in the world and making us proud. 

Investigative Reporter Umar Cheema (2008) won the prestigious Knight International Journalism Award. He was also elected to the Board of the Global Investigative Journalism Network. Umar’s reporting at Pakistan’s The News, and the Center For Investigative Reporting, which he co-founded, has held Pakistani lawmakers accountable, while sometimes putting his safety at risk. He was abducted and tortured in 2010 for exposing government corruption. One of his recent reports detailed widespread tax evasion among Pakistani officials and helped bring about changes in the law.

 Ammara Durrani (2005) is Executive Director of Search for Common Ground Pakistan, a conflict prevention and resolution NGO that seeks to transform conflict into cooperative action through dialogue, media and community.

 Walid Al-Saqaf (2005) of Yemen is a Senior TED Fellow, software inventor, online news innovator, educator and expert on international Internet freedom issues.

Emal Naweed Haidary 
(2010), a correspondent in Kabul, Afghanistan for the Agence France Presse (AFP) founded the Afghanistan Peace Research Center. He plans to build a comprehensive peace education curriculum for local schools, as well as programs that empower women to speak out about their struggles.

 Ghanashyan Ojha (2006) is Manager of Communications and Political Affairs at the Office of the Investment Board in Kathmandu, Nepal. Previously, he was a Political Analyst & Communications Specialist at the Carter Center Mission in Nepal, where he met regularly with senior political leaders, civil society members, media professionals and bureaucrats to find ways to cooperate with Nepal’s peace and constitutional process.

Catch up with all our Past Daniel Pearl Fellows

2014 Los Angeles Press Club Daniel Pearl Award

For his three decades of clear-eyed, sober and powerful reporting from the Middle East, often done at serious personal risk, Khaled Abu Toameh is this year’s recipient of the Los Angeles Press Club Daniel Pearl Award, which recognizes courage and integrity in journalism.

 “Khaled Abu Toameh has been telling us with courage and objectivity what life is like in the West Bank and Gaza. Rarely has a reporter been so successful in penetrating a conflict so complex and remaining consistently and defiantly on the side of truth,” says Judea Pearl.

 Khaled covers Arab and Palestinian affairs at The Jerusalem Post. He has also reported for BBC, Voice Of America, The Wall Street Journal and U.S. News & World Report. He is a staunch defender of freedom of speech and has criticized the Palestinian Authority for arresting and harassing Palestinian journalists in the West Bank. He’s been condemned, and occasionally threatened. To this he says simply, “A journalist should be free to criticize anyone as long as he is telling the truth.”


Watch Judea Pearl’s Presentation HERE.

Daniel Pearl ICIJ Awards

Journalists from 86 nations competed for the prestigious Daniel Pearl Awards of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. Every two years, ICIJ honors the best in cross-border investigative reporting. The 2013 U.S. Award went to a Wall Street Journal team, for their exposé of a deadly strain of drug-resistant Tuberculosis that swept across India and beyond. The International winners, fromUppdrag granskning Swedish Television, reported on Swedish telecom giant TeliaSonera’s collaboration with dictatorships in Central Asia.

Samantha Power: Daniel’s Voice Is Still Heard

America’s U.N. Ambassador Addresses “The War On Truth” at 2014 Daniel Pearl Memorial Lecture at UCLA

At the United Nations, Ambassador Samantha Power faces a hostile world filled with dangerous places where journalists are muzzled, manhandled… and murdered.

 “On every continent,” says Power, “repressive governments are engaged in nothing less than a war on truth. Our job is to rouse ourselves and use every tool available to help truth survive and win that war.”

 As the 13th speaker at the Daniel Pearl Memorial Lecture at UCLA last February, Power spoke out on behalf of global press freedom, open government, and Daniel Pearl’s unique legacy:

 “Daniel Pearl was just a reporter doing his job as well as it could be done,” says Power. “That is all and that is everything. The Earth has circled the Sun a dozen times since he was taken, but Daniel’s voice is still heard; his music lives on; and his example as a solver of puzzles and a seeker after truth inspires us – each in our own way — to pick up the trail where he left off and blaze one of our own.”

 Power lauded the Foundation for employing so many unique tools – especially music – to help bring about a world without hate. She singled out the Daniel Pearl World Music Days events, held every October:

 “Imagine the joyous sounds that can be produced — albeit not at once — by a mixed–ethnicity orchestra in Niger, a chorale at a Catholic college in Sudan, a Muslim-Malay combo in Singapore, and a school band for children with disabilities in one of the poorest parts of Brazil. Each year, well over a thousand concerts are conducted in some 80 countries, all to honor a writer of serious purpose who never forgot how to smile.” 

Still Gives Us Chills! 

Have you seen Imagine A World Without Hate, an amazing video by the Anti-Defamation League? It was part of ADL’s yearlong commemoration of its 100th anniversary. Daniel is featured prominently in the video, and ADL worked closely with Ruth and Judea Pearl  on that element of the production. Watch: A World Without Hate

ADL’s 100th anniversary, culminating in the Concert Against Hate at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. Daniel was among the honorees, his story was narrated by actor Harvey Keitel during a performance by the National Symphony Orchestra, Tamara Pearl accepted the award on behalf of the family.

Daniel Pearl World Music Days – October 1 – 31, 2014

From Elton John to Herbie Hancock to Dave Koz and thousands more, musicians around the globe have dedicated their performances to the legacy of Daniel Pearl during October, to celebrate Daniel’s birthday (October 10th).

This year marks the 13th anniversary of World Music Days, and performers are rapidly signing up to participate. As in past years, U.S. embassies and consulates in over a dozen countries are partnering with us to sponsor a wide array of inspiring performances under the theme, “Harmony For Humanity.”

We hope you’ll take the time to attend a concert in your area. And be sure to visit eStage and enjoy an even larger variety of music, poetry, art and multimedia events dedicated to Daniel, available throughout October.

On Their Way Up!

Connor Wotkowicz, a recent graduate of Hoosac Valley High School in Berkshire County, Massachusetts is headed to Boston University this fall, with support from the Daniel Pearl Berkshire Scholarship.

 The program provides an annual award to a local student who intends to follow one of Pearl’s twin passions, music and journalism. It is funded in part by The Berkshire Eagle, where Daniel began his career.

 Connor says he researched Daniel’s life and found he related to Pearl’s "want to communicate through music and writing, and the fact that he felt he had to."

 Edward Ngai, the editor-in-chief of The Stanford Daily has been chosen for the 2014 Daniel Pearl Memorial Journalism Intern. Daniel graduated from Stanford’s Department of Communication.

 Edward, a junior, is majoring in political science, and spending the summer working in the Hong Kong bureau of The Wall Street Journal.

 In his essay Edward wrote, “Daniel Pearl’s reports show a keen interest in the life and trials of regular people, no matter how large, small, poor or privileged their community may be. (His) pursuit of the voices of the overlooked is one that I hope to emulate.”

 Matthias Verbergt, a student at École de Journalisme de Sciences Po in Paris, is this year’s winner of the 9th annual Daniel Pearl Award for Journalism, funded by the Dow Jones Foundation. Matthias is studying for a Masters in Journalism and International Affairs. He was singled out for his story about secondhand graves for sale in his native Belgium.

Daniel Pearl Youth News

Talented teens from around the world are learning the basics of good journalism and filing stories for the Daniel Pearl Youth News. This unique program offers a free online journalism course to any high school student, provides mentors, and offers teens the opportunity to publish their work on the Daniel Pearl Youth Newsletter. If there’s a teenager in your life who’s considering journalism as a career, be sure to point him or her to this valuable program. 

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