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DANIEL PEARL AWARD - Ecole de journalisme de Sciences Po

The Wall Street Journal, in collaboration with France's Ecole de Journalisme de Sciences Po in Paris, each year presents the Daniel Pearl award to students whose submissions best embody Danny's tradition of journalistic excellence. Danny was the Journal's South Asia bureau chief who was kidnapped and killed in Pakistan in 2002 and had earlier been based in Paris. In his reports from around the world, Danny pursued truth and strove to connect people from different cultures by creating dialogue and understanding for others.


Bruno Dusaussoy (2nd place) and Lauriane David (3rd place), May 30 2011
Photo credit: Aurélie Monod/Ecole de journalisme de Sciences Po

The 7th Annual Daniel Pearl Award was presented in May 2011 to Hugo Passarello Luna for "In a Buenos Aires Slum, Dreaming of Paris",” with the second prize going to Bruno Dusaussoy for “"No recession for the soup kitchens of the 6th arrondissement" and the third prize to Lauriane David for "Between France and Africa."”

• First Prize: In a Buenos Aires Slum, Dreaming of Paris
• Second Prize: No recession for the soup kitchens of the 6th arrondissement
• Third Prize: Between France and Africa


(L-R) WSJ reporter David Gauthier-Villars, Agnès Bun (1st place), WSJ Paris Deputy Bureau Chief Sebastian Moffett, Yemeli Ortega (3rd place), Secretary General of Reporters Without Borders Jean-François Julliard, and WSJ reporter Christina Passariello

The 6th Annual Daniel Pearl Award was presented in May 2010 to Agnès Bun for "Identities in Exile,” with the second prize going to Ozal Emier for “Immigrant Workers Hostels: Living in France Without Being There" and the third prize to Yemeli Ortega for “The Falun Gong. Persecuted by China's government, ignored by France's.”

• First Prize: Identities in Exile
• Second Prize: Immigrant Workers Hostels
• Third Prize: The Falun Gong


(L-R) WSJ reporter David Gauthier-Villars, Jérôme Lefilliatre (1st place), WSJ senior reporter Andrew Higgins, Julie Trassard (2nd place), Bernard Volker Sciences Po Vice-Director, Marie Naudascher (3rd place) and WSJ Southern Europe Bureau Chief Alessandra Galloni

The 5th Annual Daniel Pearl Award was presented in May 2009 to Jérôme Lefilliâtre for "The Double,” with second prize going to Julie Trassard for “Jafar: Sweet and Sour” and third prize to Marie Naudascher for “Scavanging in India.”

• First Prize: The Double
• Second Prize: Jafar: Sweet and Sour
• Third Prize: Scavanging in India

The 4th Annual Daniel Pearl Award was presented in June 2008 to Thomas Saintourens for “Forcible Return to Bamako,” with second prize going to Elise Barthet for “Maid in Lebanon” and third prize to Jérôme Lefilliâtre for “Clandestine Migrants: the Traffickers’ Toll.”

• First Prize: Forcible Return to Bamako
• Second Prize: Maid in Lebanon
• Third Prize: Clandestine Migrants: the Traffickers’ Toll

The 3rd annual Daniel Pearl Award was presented in June 2007 to Caroline Gillet from Belgium, with second prize going to Fannie Olivier of Canada and third prize to France's Madeleine Leroyer. Here are their winning articles.

• First Prize: Chinese Immigration in Paris: Realities of an Underworld
• Second Prize: The Failures of French Immigration in Quebec
• Third Prize: Chechen Refugees: From Friendship to Freedom


Statement from Daniel Pearl's Parents
On the 5th Annual Daniel Pearl
Sciences Po Award in Journalism

Paris, May, 2009

On behalf of the Pearl family and the Daniel Pearl Foundation, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to the Wall Street Journal and to the Foundation Nationale des Sciences Politiques for establishing this annual prize in honor of our son, Daniel Pearl

Our special thanks to the talented and hard working three winners and all participants, for the thought and effort that went into submitting their entries to this prestigious prize. We are also deeply grateful to Bernard Volker, Science Po's Journalism school deputy director  and Danny's colleagues at the Wall street Journal who took the time and worked tirelessly in making this Award possible - - thank you  Anne-Michele Morice, Kevin Delaney and Andrew Higgins.

Daniel Pearl reported the human side of his stories with honesty, integrity and uncompromising respect for our common humanity; we feel gratified that these same values are reflected in each of this year’s submissions.

It has been heart-warming for us to see so many future journalists follow in Danny's footsteps in seeking truth and serving as society’s moral compass. We are proud of each and every one of you - - you are our hope for a better world!

Judea and Ruth Pearl
Los Angeles, California

Daniel Pearl Foundation