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The Daniel Pearl Foundation partners with the Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships to bring mid-career foreign journalists and editors from predominantly Middle Eastern and South Asian countries to experience working in a free press. The Daniel Pearl Journalism Fellows spend five months reporting for a major U.S. newspaper such as the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, or The Wall Street Journal, followed by a week at the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles, where they work closely with Jewish colleagues, often for the first time in their career. The fellowship culminates with a public panel hosted at the Los Angeles Press Club, where fellows discuss their experiences in the U.S., perceptions of America from abroad, and the influence their fellowships have had on their journalistic ideals and practices.

Updates on our previous Fellows can be found here.

2014 Daniel Pearl Fellows

Sherif Tarek (Egypt) is working at the Los Angeles Times in Los Angeles. Sherif is a senior news reporter, feature writer, and domestic affairs deputy editor for Ahram Online, the English-language news portal of Egypt’s largest news organization, Al Ahram.

Kiran Nazish (Pakistan) is working at The New York Times in New York City. Kiran is an award-winning freelance journalist who has reported from some of the most dangerous places in Pakistan on issues of conflict and the aftermath of war. She worked as a reporter, print editor, TV and radio producer/director and trainer.

Asma Ghribi (Tunisia) is working at Wall Street Journal in New York City. Asma is a freelance journalist and the Tunisia Transitions blogger for Transitions: Foreign Policy Magazine. She was the managing editor of Tunisia live, the country’s first English-language news portal, covering the unfolding democratic transition in her country.

2013 Daniel Pearl Fellows

Emran Hossain (Bangladesh) worked at the Huffington Post in Washington, D.C. He has been a staff reporter since 2012 at Bangladesh’s first online newspaper,, in Dhaka, where he covers special assignments and works on the English desk of the bilingual newspaper.

Khalid Khattak (Pakistan) worked at the Wall Street Journal in Washington, D.C. In Pakistan, Khalid is a staff reporter for The News International in Lahore, where he has been covering education, youth affairs, health and social issues.

2013 Pearl-Shahzad Fellow

Waqas Banoori (Pakistan) worked at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in Pittsburgh. He is an editor with the Independent Press Network in Islamabad. He is also a columnist for The Frontier Post, a leading English newspaper with circulation in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

2012 Daniel Pearl Fellow

Aida Ahmad (Malaysia) worked at the Los Angeles Times. She has been a reporter for The Star in Kuala Lumpur since 2010, covering daily news and current issues in Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding areas with a focus on federal and state governments as well as local council issues, policies, and politics.

2012 Pearl-Shahzad Fellow

Adnan Rashid (Pakistan) the inaugural Pearl-Shahzad Fellow, worked at the Berkshire Eagle and for public radio station WAMC. In Pakistan, Rashid works for IMEDIA as a senior producer, leading a team of radio journalists in the KPK province and federal tribal areas, focusing on social issues. He is also a contributor to the BBC Outlook.

2011 Daniel Pearl Fellows

Aatekah Ahmad Mir (Pakistan) worked in New York at the Wall Street Journal. She is a senior sub-editor for The Express Tribune, a partner of the International Herald Tribune, in Lahore, Pakistan. Her primary responsibilities include monitoring and selecting the news stories, assigning and editing stories, and supervising the newspaper layout. Read Her Fellowship Articles

Emal Naweed Haidary (Afghanistan) worked at the Los Angeles Times. He is a reporter for the Bokhdi Afghan News Agency and recently started working as editor for Afghan Voices, an organization that trains young Afghan journalists. Based in Kabul, hereports on a broad range of issues including natural disasters, politics, economics, culture, women and sports. Read His Fellowship Articles

2010 Daniel Pearl Fellows

Nasry Ahmed Esmat (Egypt) worked at the Los Angeles Times and ProPublica, a non-profit newsroom for investigative journalism in the public interest. He has been a reporter and copy editor at Al-Ahram newspaper in Cairo covering judicial events as well as an interactivity editor and trainer for, an independent news portal with different news websites and a news provider for mobile phones.

Aoun Sahi (Pakistan) worked at the Atlanta Bureau of the Wall Street Journal. He has been a reporter for The News on Sunday, the weekend magazine of The News International. Based at the headquarters in Lahore, he covers crime, environment, militancy, politics, security, and social issues.

2009 Daniel Pearl Fellows

Shahzada Irfan Ahmed (Pakistan) was the first Daniel Pearl Fellow to work at the Houston Chronicle. He has been Assistant Editor and Special Correspondent for The News International since 2003, covering the economy, health, human rights, information technology, law, social issues and telecommunications. He also works as a visiting lecturer at state-owned Punjab University where he teaches master's students in Development Journalism. Read His Fellowship Articles

Sherine El Madany (Egypt) was the third Daniel Pearl Fellow to join the staff of the Los Angeles Times. She has been at The Daily News Egypt since 2007, as a business reporter covering local and regional business news, including banking, corporate affairs, foreign exchange, inflation, investment, poverty, privatization and trade. Read Her Fellowship Articles

2008 Daniel Pearl Fellows

Utku Çakirözer (Turkey) was the second Daniel Pearl Fellow to join the staff of the Los Angeles Times. Mr. Çakirözer works in Ankara for the English language newspaper Milliyet, reporting on politics, defense and foreign policy.  He has interviewed dignitaries including Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Saudia Arabia’s Foreign Minister Prince Faisal. Read His Fellowship Articles

Umar Cheema (Pakistan) was the first Daniel Pearl Fellow to work at the New York Times. He works in Islamabad for Karachi based The News International, reporting on politics, jihadi outfits and terrorism. He served as the Secretary General of the Islamabad chapter of the South Asia Free Media Association. Read His Fellowship Articles - Read about his 2010 Abduction in Pakistan

2007 Daniel Pearl Fellow

Amr Emam (Egypt) was the first to be placed  at the San Francisco Chronicle.  Mr. Emam stated after his fellowship , “I am a completely changed man and it is all thanks to the family who, once losing a dear and exquisite son, decided to trade good for evil. Instead of grieving, they decided to change the world and put understanding in place of ignorance, light in place of darkness." Read His                                   Fellowship Articles

2006 Daniel Pearl Fellows

Ghanashyam Ojha (Nepal) was the first Daniel Pearl Fellow from Nepal and the first to work at the North Adams Transcript / Berkshire Eagle, where Danny began his career. Read His Fellowship Articles

Shahid Hussain Shah (Pakistan) was the third Daniel Pearl Fellow to work at the Washington, DC Bureau of the Wall Street Journal. He was a business reporter for The News International based in Karachi. Read His Fellowship Articles

2005 Daniel Pearl Fellows

Walid Al-Saqaf (Yemen) worked at the Washington, DC bureau of the Wall Street Journal. He was the editor-in-chief of the Yemen Times, Yemen’s first English-language newspaper, and was the second Daniel Pearl Fellow hosted by the Wall Street Journal, where Daniel Pearl worked. Read His Fellowship Articles

Ammara Durrani (Pakistan) worked at the Los Angeles Times. She was the assistant editor of The News International, Pakistan’s most widely distributed English daily, and was the first Daniel Pearl Fellow at Daniel Pearl’s hometown paper. Read Her Fellowship Articles

2003 Daniel Pearl Fellow

Fasih Ahmed (Pakistan) worked at the Wall Street Journal's Washington, DC bureau - where Danny worked from 1993-1996. He was an editor for the Friday Times and Daily Times in Lahore. This was the first such Fellow at the Wall Street Journal. Read Fasih Ahmed's "Reflections on American Journalism" essay.

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